Durroundings policy

The company is a manufacturer of precision electronic sensor parts. We are committed to ensuring the safety and hygiene of all staff, establishing a good working environment to comply with regulations, preventing pollution and disasters, and reducing the company's products, materials, personnel, machinery and equipment. Environmental safety and health shocks and unacceptable risks arising from procedures, activities and services, and continue to promote environmental safety and health improvement, disseminate environmental safety and health concepts, and fulfill corporate social responsibility. We promise to:
  1. The competent supervisors at all levels shall, in accordance with their functions and powers, supervise and supervise the implementation of environmental, safety and health management matters, and coordinate and refer to Guide the relevant personnel to implement.
  2. Comply with and comply with the Fire, Environmental, Safety and Health Act and other requirements recognized by the company.
  3. Committed to reducing pollution and reducing environmental impact, and achieving pollution prevention.
  4. Implement hazard identification and risk assessment management to prevent injury and unhealthy events.
  5.  Continuing employee education and training in environmental safety and safety, promoting the performance management of environmental safety and health, and implementing full participation in safety and health. Environmental protection work.
  6. Continue to promote environmental safety and health improvement, and create a safe and healthy workplace.
  7.  Improve the efficiency of energy use in production activities, and promote energy conservation and waste of resources.