Quality policy

Since its inception, Trend-lead has been committed to providing customers with high quality products and services.

Our conviction is to continue to build a competitive quality management system and train all employees to understand their responsibilities to provide the highest quality service.
From the beginning of the product process, we will enter the quality test. Starting from the "incoming inspection", we will enter the "process inspection" and then the "finish inspection". These three tasks are the important core of quality assurance, from supervision, testing, inspection, Auditing and production, every step of the process can not be sloppy, through professional manufacturing technology, with strict detection of the gate, in order to produce new high-performance, high-quality goods. Trend-lead believes that good quality is manufactured and tested, so we will implement the technical update of the process to achieve the goal of perfection and perfection at one time, so as to achieve the perfect requirements of customers.

"It is the responsibility of Trend-lead to continue to meet the needs of our customers with innovative products and services."