The magnetostrictive effect provides a very accurate output signal that has long been a proven technology and is used for precise inspection locations in all areas of the market. This provides an infinite mechanical life because the moving parts are not connected to each other.
The sensor contains an electronic calculation and control unit as well as a guide wire and a permanent magnet. The electronic device transmits an electronic pulse along the waveguide. It moves along the waveguide wire until it hits a special feedback magnetic field caused by the magnet around the probe. The pulse is then returned to the electronic device at the speed of sound where it is detected and calculated to a position because speed and time are both predictable and predictable. Based on the above basic principles, our products can achieve high repeatability and high linearity non-contact displacement measurement with no wear. Our sensors provide the best solution to provide reliable, accurate signals for your application.


The potentiometer is a typical contact type absolute sensor. It has a sliding contact on a conductive plastic film. The external contact acts to change the position of the contact point and the ratio of the upper and lower resistance of the resistive film to change the output voltage with the external position. Potentiometer technology is one of the most commonly used technologies on the market
We have experience in design and related applications. With printing inks, sensors with different angles and strokes can be designed and produced, and reliable and economical and efficient solutions can be provided. Even though this technology has been around for a while, it is still widely used. Conductive inks and designs have evolved to be very mature, resulting in better service life and durability.

With a simple design, the potentiometer can directly obtain a large output voltage value with high accuracy and resolution. If necessary, convert the relative analog input signal to an output waveform of any constant. This advantage is very advantageous for the design of the conversion device, so it is widely used.