Founded in 2014, the company is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. We are a professional supplier of sensors and precision measurement systems.(Motion detector. Linear displacement sensor. Linear potentiometer sensor.
Potentiometer. Magnetic displacement sensor. Non-contact displacement sensor) At the same time, we are able to develop dedicated customized products and provide better product solutions. Help customers.
Our philosophy is simple and clear: to provide the most advanced design, the most reliable products, and the best service to our customers. Trend-lead is committed to providing the best service quality to our customers for each project.
Trend-lead hopes to bring a better and more promising future to the industry through a reliable sensing system.
The scope of application of the sensor, including the automotive industry, industrial automation, consumer product automation, home intelligence, medical, communications industry, etc. can be used; we focus on listening to customer needs, and committed to the core technology of research and development, and build a people-oriented The company's basic principles.