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KTM Conductive Plastic PotentiometricPosition Transducer

  • Small size
  • Excellent linearity
  • Higher resolution 0.01mm
  • High running speed
  • Protection levelIP65
  • Configurable voltage and current (2-wire, 3-wire) module



  1. ​KTM The sensor is compact and ideal for small displacement measurements in a variety of small devices.
  2. The joint is designed with a margin and with M4 threaded connection for more flexible measurement.
  3. No electrical signal changes after the theoretical electrical stroke, the installation is simpler.
  4. Ideal for a wide range of small

Installation dimension drawing


Shipping standard: 
brackets x2  
(M4) Screwsx4 
Fish eye connector OR Universal joint x1


 ▪ KTM(E)