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KTF Potentionmeter conductive plastic linear

  • Rodless design
  • Ball hinge avoids lateral forces
  • Long service life, more than 50X 106 times of operation
  • Resolution is better than 0.01mm
  • High running speed
  • DIN43650 Standard plug and socket
  • Protection class IP50
  •  Configurable voltage and current (2-wire, 3-wire) modules



  1. The improved design meets the needs of a wide range of measurement conditions.
  2. Secure the mechanical connection with the M4 screw.
  3. After the theoretical electrical stroke is exceeded, no electrical signal output changes and the installation is simpler.
  4. The new notch design is an ideal alternative to traditional bracket-mounted systems.
  5. Widely used in plastic molding machines

Installation dimension drawing:


 ▪ KTF(E)